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Week One : FAILURE!!!
  5th January, 2015
I say Failure, but it's been a sort of productive week.
The thing is, every time I open my framework, I realise there's still LOADS of stuff that I haven't started, yet.
At some point over this year, I'd like to start implementing online scoreboards, but that needs groundwork, and I haven't even begun.
.. Well, I have, actually.. I started about a week ago, but there's a LOT of things you need to do, to get it working correctly, and that means a LOT of forethinking, and planning ahead.

This week, I've been fiddling with basic background stuff that you'll (hopefully!!) never get to see. The new framework is reaching a mostly-stable situation, and I'm getting ready to kickstart the new year.. With any luck, that should be this coming week, and yet.. Each time I open it up, I find myself thinking "Oooooh, just one more thing." I've become the Columbo of GameDev!

So, we'll count this week as a none-week, and try again next week.
See you then!

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