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Three Steps Ahead..
  10th March, 2010
This week, Munky in a Mario Costume.
Next week, possibly Blockman in a Mario Costume.
Third week, I should probably do Greenie in a Mario Costume, but that's more 'cos he'd look funny, than for any gameplay reasons!

That brings us to April, and with my head spinning with ideas about "The BIG JNKPlat game", I'm not sure if I really want to attempt that.


The "Big" idea is way way way too big for me, artistically. I mean, it's a really really huge idea!
Plus it'd need levels.
Really big levels!

It's a very big idea!

I'd probably be better off sitting down and doing a nice new annual simple JNKPlat game, instead.
Scrap the 3D, keep it in 2D, and see what lovely new tiles I can come up with.

I'd probably want to make it a more progress-based game, this time around, but I'm not 100% sure how well that'll work.
See, the thing with JNKPlat is..

It's fun to make levels.
Levels are great!

And, if I make things 100% progressive, then I have to do all sorts of silly lock-outs within the editor.
I've never been entirely certain how to do that sort of thing.

The game should give you a need to complete things, but it should also let you play around with the editor.

Always awkward.

The best implementation so far has been DS08. With each different pack having a "Play through or die" limitation, you could make a level pack of 5 or 10 levels, and the player would have to go through 1 to 10 to play them all.
JNKPlat 07 also has that, but if you died, you could hop right back to where you were.
I think DS08 played it a little better than that.

3 Lives, do or die..

So, JNKPlat10 checklist
More movement
Probably doing the scrolling from 07
Neat Lighting effects from the start
More tiles
New moves
Multiple Tilesets/Worlds

Any other thoughts?

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