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Too Many Big Ideas...
17th January 2015  
Currently on my list of ideas, I have...
1. A kind of space shooter style platformer.
2. A redux of YBox Yahtzee from the Alpha Collexion
3. SpikeDislike3
There's also a few other ideas bubbling away, in my head.
The main problem I'm having, is getting started on any, because I know that whichever I choose to start on, will more than likely take more than a week to complete.
As such, I've kinda been sitting here all week going "well, what else could I do...?" and not actually getting ANYTHING started.
It's a bit annoying being in this situation. A sort of time-based writer's block.

I need some short and sweet little game ideas, but I'm also trying to keep the quality up, so they don't feel like they'd fit into the Alpha Collexion..
I've coded myself into a corner again!!

I need to get back into the swing of things.
We'll try again, next week..

Meanwhile, enjoy the daily doodles!

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