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  21st January, 2015
Since I'm spacing out my dev-time, I should hopefully have more time to do Dev-Diary type posts, as the games progress.
Hopefully, this will give you a little more insight into the sort of decision making that goes into AGameAWeek. I'll also try to take the time to add odd bits and pieces of craptastic-useless-trivia whenever I get the chance.

As frequent players will have noticed, I've been using a strange secondary numbering system for a long while. (Check out the Windows-Downloads to see them!)
The numbers are based on when the very first Wednesday Workshop was set, and have been increasing ever since. Sometimes I skip numbers, other times I make about 5 or 6 prototypes with the same number, but in general each released game since about 2008 has had a unique number.

The game I'm currently working on is #402 (Alpha Collexion was #400!) and until I bother to give the thing a name, that's what it's referred to as! The folder on my desktop is simply 402/, and the game dev file is Game.monkey. Once I've bothered to name the game, I tend to tweak it all to suit the new name. .. Although, occasionally, folders are left with their proto-names, if I've come up with any along the way. ("332 - TrackShot" springs to mind.. That one ended up being called BlastTrax!)

Anyway, I've started this current project by creating a simple looking maze generator, and setting up the engine to allow good-old-fashioned screen-flipping movement.

Next I need to start designing walls, background objects, pickups, and then adding in some enemies.

I'm not 100% sure what form the final game will take, be it an RPG romper, a Space Shooter, or what. I'll leave that up to whatever style of graphics I can be bothered to draw

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