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Y7:Game 2 - Futrino
  29th January, 2015
Time to hunt for your floppy disks!!


Help Platdude (he's in the ship!!) track down his floppy disks, and get them home.
There are 3 floppy disks dotted around each level, so fly around, shoot the bad guys, collect all the disks, and then get them all home without dying.
It's a nice and simple little game, but it's got a teensy bit more effort than a regular AGameAWeek.
Let me know if you enjoy this week's game, and prefer the lengthier games, or whether you'd rather I went back to old-skool AGameAWeek!


Cursors/WASD to move the ship. Joystick also works, but depending on how crappy your DPad is, you might find the analogue stick to be better for floating around.
Main Button (Z/J/Spacebar) is the fire button. Use to shoot! Unlimited ammo.
Secondary Button (X/K/Ctrl) will shoot your secondary weapon. You have VERY limited secondary ammo, but there's plenty to collect within the barrels.

You can Download Futrino Here for Windows, or play it at GameJolt in HTML5. Hopefully it should be available on OUYA, later on tonight, but I've never attempted a mid-week release, so ... *shrugs*

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