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Y2:W29 - Munky in a Mario Costume
  16th March, 2010
A great little platformer, this week, albeit one without an end!

Well, there is an end, but I'm not 100% sure anyone will reach it. Having said that, I'm probably not the world's best person to ask about that. I suck at playing!



Directions and Jump are all you'll be needing.

Roam around the level, grab all the coins, and try not to get yourself killed.

I'd originally planned to give the player only 1 life, but.. .. That seemed a wee bit unfair, so the usual "Easy/Medium/Hard" options have been replaced with 5/3/1 lives instead!
Want to challenge yourself, play with 1 life!!

Download from The Jayenkai Archive where there's a Windows and Linux release.
(Note : I've been told it doesn't work in Debian 5, and am currently working on trying to get that to boot!!! Might just be easier to release the sources!)

Make your own Map!
There's a 512x64 pixel image in the files/levels directory. Open it up in a paint package, and get doodling.. (best to backup the original, for reference as to what all the different colours do!)

If you feel like submitting a level, and I get a nice decent set of them, then I'll probably rerelease the game later with a level picking menu system, but that didn't seem important just yet! Took me the better half of 3 days to make that one level, and it's not even a completely full level!!


AGAW Scoring : 29 weeks, 36 games, Still alive and kicking!

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