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Birthday Spike!!!
22nd February 2015  
As has become a tradition on iOS, My Birthday = Free Spikes for Everybody!!


This is, alarmingly, the fifth year that I've done this, and .. Honestly, that's scary!!
I can't believe that SpikeDislike is now five years old!
Anyway, there it is, and it still happily runs on most iOS devices, so bravo to Cocos2d for having coped with all the iOS switches over the years.
This year, I'll also be making SpikeDislike2 free, too, because. .. Heck, why not!!

So, on Monday, both the games will be free to grab from the AppStore.
If you're feeling nice, and haven't already bought them all, be sure to pick up the AGameAWeek Monkey-X Bundle from the AppStore, to complete your collection. It's got games like Blockman, NeonPlat and BlastTrac, to keep you playing for hours.

Enjoy the games... ... Tomorrow!

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