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DevDiary : IM2 - Slow Progress
23rd March 2015  
I say "slow", but of course, I mean "Slow in the realm of AGameAWeek!"
I've been working on Invisible Munky 2 for nearly THREE WEEKS, now! Blimey, that went fast!

I'm currently working on building levels, and trying to keep the momentum of the game flowing in a decent manner. I'm also trying to add a decent mix of music, but it's all kinda samey. I might have to head in a completely different melodical direction, or something. *shrugs* Not sure!

Anyway, the game currently contains 9 levels, and they're all 100%able. I'm now going to start adding trickier elements into the engine, and trying to catch out the player, without resorting to cheap tricks. (Also, so far, I've no horrible death pits.. Trying to avoid using those)

Fingers crossed that the end result is as good as expected!

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