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31st March 2015  
Since 2014, I've been using the wonderful KORG Gadget app on iPad to create most of my ingame music.
Each week or so, I make a new silly tune, and upload it to Soundcloud where people get to hear it, and then eventually the tracks get dumped into my various games, willy nilly.

As a way to keep track of my tunes (since there's so many of them) I've recently taken to naming each album a single word title, and then giving each track an alphabetical name.. So, first track is "Album A", then Album B, Album C, and so on.
As such, each Album ends up with 26 little tunes, most of which end up in various AGameAWeek games, but occasionally they slip by the wayside and end up unused.
Either way, the first of my 2014 "Albums" is now available from


You can Find the Album here, where it should be available in MP3, Ogg, and even uncompressed Wav format, should you wish to listen to it clean and uncompressed like that.

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