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Y7 - D130 : Bouncing Balls, Mails and Nails
  10th May, 2015


Yesterday, I completely rejigged the "Bounce" of SpikeDislike.
Originally, the bounce was a simple Sine-wave, and has in fact been this in EVERY version of SpikeDislike, but this time I'm hoping to add a couple of new elements which have required a minor tweak in the usual ball bouncing mechanic.
This isn't something to be taken lightly, as I had to be absolutely sure that the end result still "felt" like Classic SpikeDislike.
At the moment it's a teensy bit floaty compared with the old, and I can no longer be exact with how high the ball's going to end up (it'll be a case of tweaking numbers to get the right feel) but for the most part, the engine's not noticably any different.
A couple of nips and tucks, and all the maths will be working without too much of a hitch.
.. Hopefully!

Additionally, there's still "something" wrong with the basic left/right movement. Some elements are scrolling a single frame later than other elements. This is a minor minor minor issue, and it's something that most people won't notice. (eg, Space Channel 5 does this... Sega didn't seem to care..) .. But it's bloody well there, and I know it!!!

Note : Craptastic looking flowers are MOST DEFINITELY only temporary!
I still need to shuffle the layers about a bit. They work fine in that position for the Faux-3D view, but not in standard view.

Background parallax stars are now much more defined. .. I'm currently double checking they're not "too" noticeable that they effect the gameplay.


Daily Doodle : AirMail

Platdude's taking a Get Well card to @Pixelarf, who's been offline for a worrying number of days. Hope he's ok.


Today's mail comes from "Nail_Loving_Freak" who says..

How about a blog about how you maintain those lovely, lovely nails of yours. Any tips, beauty product advice, etc?

Thanks! XOXO

Nail Loving Freak

Glad you like my nails so much, Nail_Loving_Freak, who constantly complains about my nails every time I post a photo with them in shot!

My nails used to be gnawed and chewed to horrible nasty stubs. Every time I'd sit at the computer and try to code anything, I'd end up thinking, pondering and trying to figure out how to do this, that and the other. As I contemplated, I gnawed at my nails.
It was a terrible habit, but one that I couldn't get out of.
After a while, however, I found myself getting better at coding, and became much more comfortable. My gnawing came to a stop, and my nails slowly started to grow back.
Then the Nintendo DS came along, and with my awesome nails, I was able to easily make use of it's Resistive screen, with the blunt end of my fingernail. This was awesome, and allowed me to experience the DS in a way that a lot of my peers don't seem to have managed as successfully. For example, I was able to complete Mario 64 DS without a hitch, by using the touchscreen without having to balance a Stylus through the entire game!

Nowadays, my nails tend to stay at a "functional" length. They're there when needed to open cans, rip open packages, or occasionally tap on the 3DS's screen.
Nails are handy!

If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll probably turn up here, eventually.

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