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Y7 - D131 : Leaping
  11th May, 2015


Not a whole lot of news from yesterday, but that was mostly due to me not being in a coding mood.
Instead, I did at least manage to create the following ALChoon.

Which, I'm pretty sure, will be used for the "Definitely Not Mario" theme. Maybe..
Meanwhile, I managed to figure out why that odd "frame behind" bug was happening in my scrolling, and now everything's behaving as it oughta be..
Good Stuff!


Daily Doodle : The Weekend Job

Mmmm.. Hotdogs.. Nom nom nom!
Unfortunately, since Platdude doesn't have a mouth, this is as close as he'll be getting to a hotdog.
Poor Platdude


Today's mail comes from TimmyTot666, from over at OUYAForum.com

What are your favorite TV shows?


Aaah, TV.
Where would I be without my TV?
.. still in front of the computer, is my guess!

Corner Gas : Top of the list for good reason! Most Excellent!
Seinfeld : Who doesn't like Seinfeld!?
Curb Your Enthusiasm : Because Seinfeld isn't on anymore..
Friends : It got a bit shit in the middle, when it started to focus too much on Monica and Chandler's relationship, but it perked up again towards the end.
Frasier : I also enjoyed Cheers, but Frasier was excellent
That 70s Show : If you can watch the original broadcast episodes, do. They're not as half-assed as the terribly chopped up "Family Friendly" versions.

Stargates : Whenever Stargate SG1 was on TV, it always seemed to be a rather boring, uninteresting show to me, so I never bothered watching it. It wasn't until my boss suggested "Anything after Season 4.. It gets better in Season 4." that I started watching it, and after that I was hooked. I've seen all, I've bought all the DVDs, and more interestingly, I've also watched EVERY episode with it's Commentary (if it has one.. not all episodes have them!). I find the commentaries in this show to be fascinating, as they're obviously being done by people who love the creative side of things. Unlike most commentaries which tend to be of the "I like this scene. Look, you can see me grin a bit!" variety, they tend to focus on more filmmaking concepts and interesting events. Well worth a watch/listen if you can get hold of the DVDs.
Doctor Who : Loved the originals, and REALLY love the new ones! Yeay!
Star Treks : A lot of good and bad episodes through the many many years of Trek. A lot of my favourite standalone episodes are from Voyager. Voyager had WAY more issues than most of the other series, but it also seemed to enjoy the world it existed in, more than other Treks. There are some REALLY great episodes of Voyager that shouldn't be missed.
Star Trek Enterprise - Season 3 : This gets it's own special listing, because DAMN is it good!! A single season long story-arc that worked amazingly well. Shame about the Evil Alien Nazis in the very last minute of the season.
Quantum Leap : I'm still hopeful that the show will eventually come back. There was talk, a few years ago, about a new series focusing on Sam's daughter searching for him. No idea whether that'll happen.

and of course, Breaking Bad, because who doesn't love that!

Shows that Failed
Jericho : Awesome show about the aftermath of a giant nuclear attack. Starts off slow, and ramps up in fantastic ways, but far too late to have found an audience.. Cancelled
Journeyman : Best way to describe it, is it's a new take on Quantum Leap... BUT BETTER! And as a massive Quantum Leap fan, that's one heck of a statement.
Day Break : Best described as Groundhog Day - The Series. Far too complicated to find an audience, but it was good while it lasted.
Dead Like Me + Pushing Daisies : Both scrapped due to lack of audience, and yet everybody seemed to love them both. Bah, I don't understand these things!!

Future Show : Dark Matter - I'm really looking forward to this show! Created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie who are both ex-Stargate writers, it's looking to be the next "Space Sci-fi" show to watch! Begins next month. Woot!!

If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll probably turn up here, eventually.

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