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Y7 - D133 : Darkness
  13th May, 2015


Yesterday I took some time to create a Choon to go along with the dark lava theme, and although it wasn't exactly what I aimed for, it does fit the gameplay reasonably well.

Coupled with the theme constantly battling it's own brightness, it makes for a quite tricky theme to play against. I'll probably leave this theme until near the end of the game, since it is alarmingly difficult to see what's going on!

It's a nice theme, though, especially with those added parallax layers slowly floating about the place.


Daily Doodle : Sky High

I have the oddest feeling that I've drawn something like this before, but hunting through my archive proved fruitless.. So.. here it is, whether it's a repeat or not!


Today's mail comes from "Electronic_Music_Fan"
AL O'DARE got some lovely mail, today.

I love Alodare's music, I just had to ask you, how does he do it? His music reminds me of the greatest of them all, Jean-Michel Jarre. I'm sure he's an influence right?
Please share the creative process and keep them CHOONS coming.

Love, me.

AL uses the iPad app "Korg Gadget" to create all of his music. He used to use FruityLoops (FLStudio) on the PC, and had been searching for a decent iOS replacement for quite some time. FLStudio Mobile wasn't exactly good enough, but then Korg Gadget came along, and AL felt that all way right with the world.
AL tends to start by creating a series of random notes, then trying his best to pad out the repeating loop until something good emerges.
AL borrow's my iPad roughly once a week, and tries his best to fumble his way through a Choon. Sometimes he's successful, but other times the results can be truly catastrophic. There are many occasions where AL simply loses his rag, and throws the iPad at the wall in despair.

Whenever AL somehow manages to make something fairly decent, I let him upload it to his Soundcloud account, where it stays until he's completed an entire AL Bum.. After that, the AL Bum gets uploadedto Archive.org, (Links Here) where (hopefully!) they'll remain forever.

If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll probably turn up here, eventually.

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