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Y7 - D137 : Fish-Out!
  17th May, 2015


My first session of yesterday was spent fixing up the issues I had with the little fishy theme.
I started by stripping out the fish, and replacing it with an Octopus, which although fundamentally the same sort of thing, looked a bit less weird when bouncing along the floor in the standard SpikeDislike style!
So that turned out nicely.
After that I tweaked a bit more of the standard engine, which is growing features every time I touch the thing, and fiddled about with a bit more music.
Later on in the day, I attempted an 80s styled retro theme, but I'm not sure if it'll stick, since it's kind of a bit too much to look at!!
Time will tell, whether it remains in the final game or not!

I should mention that, this time around, I have much more control over the way that things are staged, so if at any point I choose not to use a particular theme, I can simply leave out it's "World XXX" number, and the engine will avoid it. In previous editions, if I wanted to scrap a theme, I had to overwrite all of it's data, and it'd potentially be lost forever. This time, leftovers will remain intact, and may end up being used in future releases..
.. Whether that's better, or not, I'm not sure. But it's definitely easier to organise this stuff!!


Daily Doodle : Always Ready

Platdude dons his hat and jacket, grabs his pistol, and is ready for any dangerous creatures that might jummp out at him in the desert.


Today's mail comes from "BILLKILLED"

Good afternoon,
How's your sickness? I hope it's improving.


Thanks for asking, erm.. Billkilled... !? (It's him again, isn't it..)

My health is more or less static, and has been for about a year now.
I generally find that if I sit about doing nothing, I can get through an entire day.
On the flipside, if I move around too much, I become queazy, dizzy and all sorts of nasty things start to happen.
As such, most of the time I try not to overexert myself, and am careful about how much I do.
One of the hardest things I've found to do, has been putting up the Xmas tree. Three years I've now attempted it, and each time, the act of walking around the tree trying to add all the lights, has led to me becoming extremely unwell, and needing a good hour-or-so's rest afterwards.
Simple chores like standing to shave, result in additional queaziness, and I daren't play anything on the 3DS that requires those AR Cards or otherwise moving around to play them.

My life has, in essence, become a stationary object. Once or twice a week I can achieve a walk into the nearby village to do a little shopping, but that's pretty much as "outdoors" as I get, nowadays.
It sucks..

.. But at least I can still code. Without game coding, pixelart doodling, music chooning, and all the wonderful people to talk to on the internet, I'd be bored to tears by now!!

Thankyou all for sticking around, and keeping me sane*

If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, you can do so right here, at http://bit.ly/AGAW_Mail. Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll probably turn up here, eventually.

* relatively.

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