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Y7 - D149 : Swings and Roundabouts
  29th May, 2015



Wednesday went swimmingly well, with all the pieces falling into place, and everything being awesome and cool.
It stands to reason, then, that my Thursday didn't go quite as well.

I decided to try my hand at getting Invisible Munky 2 into the AppStore.
It started with me having to upgrade my "Icon Resizer" tool, to account for the 150,000 new icon sizes that have appeared since iPhone 6 and Plus came out.
I also just about managed to figure out the new "Launch Screen" sizes, and .. hopefully.. put those into the correct place, with the right filename.

A test compile showed everything working as expected on the iPad, and the various emulators, so I took a chance and set about switching over to "Distribution" mode.


This is where everything started to go downhill, as I had to tackle provisions/certificates/profiles and whatnot on my own.
I've done this stuff before, with my previous games. "What could possibly go wrong?!"

After a good couple of hours, I finally gave up, and decided to try again tomorrow..
Wish me luck!


Looks gorgeous, though!


Daily Doodle : Happy Birthday!

It's Platdude's little sister's birthday, today.


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