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Y7 - D152 : Preparing the Spike
  1st June, 2015


A busy day, yesterday, as I set about building more of those Mission/Level things for SpikeDislike3.
I've now got marginally different Mission modes for 10 of the 13 themes, although "Super X!" seems to appear a fair number of times!
With only 3 more sets of levels to create, I'm pretty much nearing the end of development, although there's a bunch more extra bits that I might end up throwing in.

Anyway, I figured now's about as good a time as any, to give you an idea of my target release schedule, or rather, the things that have to happen in order for me to launch the game!

1. Invisible Munky 2 : Release
I have to wait for that game to get through Apple Review, just to be sure that my current framework CAN actually get through review, and that I managed to just about get all the correct things into place, in order to get a game onto the AppStore.

2. Invisible Munky 2 : Testing
I've literally NO IDEA what'll happen to the game, if run on an iPhone 6/6+.. Not a smegging clue! (Those Emulators have a tendancy to lie!!)

I'll have to hunt the twittersphere for testers, mmethinks.
Once the game's released, I'll need it double-checked to ensure I clicked all the right buttons, and set the correct settings, in order for the game to run Everywhere!!!

3. SpikeDislike3 : Submission
Now, assuming everything turns out OK with Invisible Munky 2, I can then submit SpikeDislike3 in the same way, which would take another week or so to get through Apple Review, before it turns up on your iPhings.


Est. Release Date (If All Goes Well)
Approx 17th June

... However.. If anything goes wrong, we're going to end up being delayed at the rate of roughly 1 week per issue that needs fixing!
The good news is, everything that needs fixed in Invisible Munky will be similarly fixed at the same time in SD3, so it *should* be a case of fixing both things simultaneously, thus only requiring one week's worth of testing and uploading and waiting!!

Hopefully all will be well, and the game will hit the mid-June target.
*fingers crossed*


Daily Doodle : Bedtime for Grandplat

Platdude helps Grandplat back up to bed. Hopefully he puts the pipe out, before going to sleep!


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