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Y7 - D153 : OUYA-Ready
2nd June 2015  


Yesterday was spent tweaking a few odds and sods that I never really got around to doing previously.
I, of course, added a few extra levels, and I added "OUYA Controller Button Icons" to the main menu, so it's marginally more obvious that you can use the shoulder buttons to open the Options menu and Scoreboard.


I rejigged the RetroRaider level to add an extra element of danger, and make it trickier to get through.

Meanwhile, I set about figuring out exactly what's inside the "Free Edition!".
Since the "Full Edition" contains 15 themes (and as such 150 levels) I figured that 1/3 of that might make for a decent free version.
5 themes, and 50 levels are part and parcel of the Free edition.
Just like last time, over the course of SD3's lifespan, I'll slowly but surely add more and more back into the Free version, but I'd like to make the free version into something slightly different, giving it special themes and whatnot.
This time around, since we can specifically target OUYA, I'm thinking that it'd be nice to include some OUYA-themed levels and themes along the way.
For now, however, the 50 level "Free Edition" is pretty much locked down, and more importantly, has already been submitted AND APPROVED by OUYA Review!

But it's not out, yet!
I'm still waiting on Apple-Test#1 (Invisible Munky 2) to get through/fail review.
If it passes review, I'll instantly submit SpikeDislike3 for review, and hopefully that should only take about a week. Then both the iOS and OUYA editions will be released on the same day.
If, however, Invisible Munky 2 FAILS it's review, I'll probably release the OUYA edition of SpikeDislike3 as is, because.. well.. there's no reason to delay it any further! The iOS edition's just being an awkward bugger!!

I'm still hopeful that everything will run smoothly, and am still estimating a June 17th date.
.. But god only knows whether that'll actually happen!


Daily Doodle : Washing Day

Platdude doesn't like Washing Day, but at least it's sunny, today.


Today, the mailbag is once again empty.

If you'd like to stuff my mailbag, you can do so right here, at Send comments, questions, game ideas, thoughts and more, and they'll probably turn up here, eventually.

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