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25th January 2008  
If Centipong was a simplistic looking game with added 3D, Blockman would be the exact opposite. With levels so colourful they'd poke your eyes out, Blockman comes hopping along to rescue all the Blocklets.

It's a rather simple game. Grab the Blocklets, take them to the door. You can bring as many as you can to the door at a time, but the more you get safely home in one go, the more points you're awarded.

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The monsters will try to thwart you, scaring away Blocklets if you get too close.
In many ways, it's a lot like Sega's classic game Flicky. But in other ways, it isn't! With 3 worlds available, and a whole bunch of pseudo-random levels, you'll be playing this for at least 10 minutes!

A DS Version has been requested. Whether it appears will be entirely up to whether I can be bothered to make one! (And if I do, it might not quite be as colourful!)

You can download Blockman here.

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New games every week!
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