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Y7 - D208 - Animation!
  27th July, 2015


Drawing silly pixelart characters is one thing.
Having to animate a horse!? That's a whole other thing!!!

Over the past week, I've animated a cat, a dog, and now a horse, too.
I'll admit that, having animated the horse and got it into the engine, I then closed the laptop and opted to play games for most of the rest of the day, instead.
Animating really takes it out of you, even if it was only 6 entire frames of animation!! I just don't have the stamina for animating. It wears me out.

Not a bad horse, though, even if I do say so myself.


Daily Doodle : Photo Shoot

As well as his other 6,000 jobs, Platdude is also the local photographer.
Weddings, Children, Pets. Platdude will be there, with his trusty camera.

Mailbag : Empty

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