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30th July 2015  

The Upgrade

Yesterday's blog was about an upgrade, and that's pretty much what today's is, too!
Windows 10.

Initial thoughts
Everything is very very very very very very very very white.
Even window titlebars are white. It's like someone figured out that White Emulsion is cheapest in bulk, so bought enough to cover the planet.
It's THAT white!
In fact, there's too much white, and the amount of white with light-grey is really hurting my eyes.
I'm having to squint to see details in a screen that's only as far away as my lap!
That shouldn't ever be the case.

At one point I thought "I wonder if switching on High Contrast mode might help", which resulted in the desktop being white, the icons being mostly light, and the font for the icons being white... You can see where this is going..


How is THAT helping!?!?

Bah, humbug..

Other than the whitewashing of my screen, Windows 10 doesn't appear to have too many flaws to speak of.
The chaos of Control Panel hasn't been dumbed down. With Win8/8.1 it became a bit of a mess, spreading various control settings between Desktop and Metro panels. In Win10, that's not changed, except the settings now appear in different Desktop windows, just to confuse you further.

The Start Menu is back, and as nice as that is, it's left me with keyboard-based habits that no longer work.. Previously to open PaintShop Pro, I'd hit Start, Down, Right, Enter. That would select the correct icon, and open it.
If I do that now, I instead highlight a little box at the top of the Start menu, which apparently I can rename. It doesn't appear to have ANY function, whatsoever.

The upgrade went smoothly. It automagically copied all my settings across, transferred all my software, and my entire dev-kit seems to have made the transition without any obvious issues, which is nice given that it relies on both Java and MinGW to compile for the various targets.
Of course, I was coming from Win8.1, so if you've been clinging on to Win7 this whole time, you might find that there are more quirks in the transition.

Overall the system seems to be coping admirably, although .. I'm not sure if it's as fast as it was with 8.1.. But it might be a case of the system settling into it's new groove. You know how windows can be!! I'll give it a few days before I decide if it's as fast or not.

Now, back to coding!


Daily Doodle : Perfectly Matched

Platdude and his friend are having a terrible time on the SeeSaw.
Seems that they don't work very well if both people weigh exactly the same, and neither person's feet can reach the floor!

Mailbag : Empty

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