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Y7 - D212 - Catching a Train
31st July 2015  


The next edition of SpikeDislike3 will come with 5 brand new themes, each with a unique playstyle.
In much the same way that SpikeDislike2 had it's Barry the Bee and Sheep Goes Right themes, this one will include a batch of themes that all mess about with the controls, and do things a little differently.
The first attempt is, of course, the classic "Chase the Train" mode, which you might remember from the Mastertronic 8-bit classic Kane. (Gameplay video from ChinnyVision)

Having spent most of a day trying to animate a horse, I cobbled together the rest of the stuff over the past couple of days, and now it's all looking a little more complete.

The new theme will be available in the next SpikeDislike3 Update, which should hopefully be ready to go by mid-August'ish.


Daily Doodle : Water Playground

Platdude's found a wonderful new play area, where he can swim all day without any possible dangers.
.. Nope.. No dangers, whatsoever..

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