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Y7 - D213 - Abruptly, the Sound Ceased
1st August 2015  


Last night, as I lay in bed, a silence suddenly enveloped the room.
It was unlike anything I'd heard in the past couple of weeks.
Total, complete and utter silence.

I sat up in bed, and looked around the room.
Was it a power cut? No..
Then why so little sound? What was missing!?

Seems that the new Western Digital NAS drive had finally (after about 2 weeks) finished cataloguing all the files I'd thrown onto it, and was happy with it's collection of thumbnails, enough to shut down the drive, cut off the fans, and actually have a rest.
It was eerie, suddenly being "clicky-clicky-clicky"less, after a good couple of weeks of hearing nothing but that stupid drive wizzing away.


Meanwhile, I started a new theme for SpikeDislike3.

This will be the retro-shooter theme.
I'm pretty sure there'll be some tweaks to come, the gameplay isn't even started, and the art style needs .. something else! But at least I know where it's heading, and it shouldn't be too hard to get there.

I hope!


Daily Doodle : Future Zone

It's all about the marketing.
This bouncy castle wouldn't be anywhere near as popular if it were just called "Bouncy Castle"

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