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Y7 - D244 - Telly Watching
1st September 2015  


Last night, I started watching a series on Vimeo titled "ITV In the Face".
The show is essentially a look back at all the various UK ITV franchises, along with the history of what happened to all the different companies along the way.

Thrilling stuff, I'm sure you'll agree.
But it kept me awake until 5am, this morning, and is one of those "Can't stop watching" sort of TV-History documentary things that I have a nasty habit of getting badly into, sometimes.
Luckily, I've watched every single one of them* so won't have to do that again.
.. Maybe!

(* Although, they have just added a new episode in the last half-hour!! Mmmm!!!!)

Anyhoo, yesterday I did some more tweaking of the level generator, and although it's not noticeably different at a glance, I can certainly feel the improvements coming along quite nicely. Hopefully I'm starting to get rid of any blocked paths along the way, as those were kinda nasty in places. I'm adding little extra ledges and things, to make sure large walls don't appear at the end of giant chasms, that sort of thing.
At the same time, however, I'd like to tackle a few precarious jumps, so I might try adding a few complex mini-rules in to ensure certain obstacles show up in specific sorts of areas.
It's hard, however, to ensure things don't get overly repetitive. It's all well and good having the floor disappear, and a single ledge half-a-screen away, but if you do that too often it becomes boring.
A dash of randomness, and plenty of tweaks to the generator, and we should be ok to go.

You know, I'm sure the original generator didn't take nearly as long as this!!
I'm not 100% certain, but I think my lack of AGameAWeek might be slowing down my ability to rush these things out...


Daily Doodle : Setting Off

Platdude jets off with his lovely jetpack, but where is he heading?
He's heading home, because he forgot to turn the cooker off. Apparently there's a lot of beans, boiling away on the hob.

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