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Y7 - D248 - Dislike!!!
  5th September, 2015


Aaah, Spikes!

A common feature in videogames since the early days, and one of the great standards of Dislike!
Touch a spike, and you instantly respawn at your last checkpoint.
.. Like, Instantly!!
Today's task will be to come up with a nice way for NeonPlat to die.
In the previous NeonPlat Adventures he didn't ever die/respawn, but this time he'll be equipped with a few lives, and those checkpoints, so it seems only natural for him to go "Oooouch!!" and die in a horrible way!
Meanwhile, The level generator is coming along nicely, and things are starting to feel a lot more "gamey" whenever I'm testing it, which is always a good sign.


Daily Doodle : Where to Start?

Platdude isn't sure which cutlery he should be starting with.
Maybe he'll just start with the wine!?

Mailbag : Empty

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