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Y7 - D249 - Musical Terror!
6th September 2015  


I won't make you put up with the current horror show of the game's ingame music generator thing. I managed to get it "working" last night, but the difference between "working" and "not sounding like shit" are somewhat lengthy.
Instead, here's a video of the game with just the sound effects added in, and I'm sure you'll agree, it's quite an improvement.

A nice intro swooshy beamy sort of noise. A three-tone happy version of "Dum-dum-durrrr!" whenever you die.. And of course, the usual reused jumping, throwing, smashing and collecting sounds that have littered NeonPlat since the first version.
.. I suppose I *could* replace a lot of those, but .. They're part of his world, now.

Today I'll be mostly tweaking that damn music engine, in the hopes that it doesn't sound so truly terrifying!


Daily Doodle : The Plat System

Platdude's system is short and sweet.
Two planets, one moon, and a big old sun to light it all up.

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