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Y7 - D284 - Bits and Pieces
  11th October, 2015


Yesterday was spent re-recompiling a couple of the new OUYA batch. I stupidly keep forgetting to tweak certain things, even though I made myself a checklist.

Things like "It still says (O) or (A) on the quit screen", through to oddities like forgetting to turn the music back on, and other quirky bits and pieces.
Thankfully, the PlayJam review team are all over things like that, and will give each game a good going through, looking for such oddities.
With a few guiding pokes and prods, I've found that I'm now being even more picky about my own stuff, so am learning to triple-check all manner of things before uploading.
It has, of course, taken it's toll on the speed of my uploads, but should ensure that I only need to do each one once!
.. Hopefully!


Meanwhile, I opted to try my hand at some Choonage, last night, and the result is somewhat interesting.


Daily Doodle : A Relaxing Ride

Platdude enjoys a short trip through the forest on his trusty speedbike.

Mailbag : Empty

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