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Y7 - D285 - DVDs
  12th October, 2015


Wasn't in much of a coding mood, last night, so ended up doing a bit more music, instead.
I also spent an hour and a half watching the Stargate SG1 two parter, Mobius, although I'm not entirely sure why!
I was actually in the mood to watch Continuum, but Continuum wasn't on Netflix and I couldn't be bothered pulling out the laptop, and piddling around with those old-fashioned DVD things.
.. I really oughta backup all my DVDs to my Network Drive, some day. Hmm...

Which reminds me, I still haven't got around to watching all the commentaries on the Stargate:Atlantis box set, yet. ... Again, mostly because I can't be bothered faffing about with DVDs.

So, instead, I just watched Mobius on Netflix, and that was enough to quench my Stargate thirst for the day.
Sundays are lazy days!


Meanwhile, I made another choon!
I appear to be in Musical Mode, this week...


Daily Doodle : Campfire Stew

Platdude cooks up a huge pot of stew for all the campers.
.. But where are all the campers?

Mailbag : Empty

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