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Y7 - D288 - Tweaking Controls
15th October 2015  


Another day fiddling with the base code for my NewYA Monkey-X target.
Most of the issues that the FlarePlay is bringing up appear to be related to the fact that the devkit they're using is leaving multitasking games running in the background, thus it all eventually clogs up.
The actual retail unit instead does what OUYA/GameStick normally does, and closes all apps before launching the next.

As a result, *most* of the problems they were having seem to vanish when tested on a real retail unit.

But I still need to fix a few things up. For starters, I've added a much needed "Only play the sound effect if the sound effect has actually loaded" check into the PlaySFX command, so that anything that's running slowly isn't being caught out by things not having loaded yet.
(Although, the FlarePlay DevKit was only "running slowly" because it was also running a bunch of other stuff in the background. Once the tester closed all background apps, the game loaded much quicker, which is how the games will run on the retail unit.. hopefully!!!)

In addition to that, I have to sort out my controller code.. .. again..
The games work (mostly) fine for one player, but I'll soon need to tackle those few Multiplayer games that I've made.
JNKBombers, Neon Bike Championships and NeonPlat Extreme all feature multiplayer modes, and at the moment, None-OUYA devices are stuck with only one controller in my games.
Or rather, you can connect extra controllers, but they all seem to act as player 1!

I need to fix that.
I made a start, last night, but when I tested it on my Archos GamePad, the internal controller ended up being split into two!
Analogue controls were controlling player 1, but dpad and face buttons were controlling player 3!
... Which is weird, to say the least..

I'll be continuing to work on this for the next day or two, I imagine..


Daily Doodle : Argh! Swan!!

Platdude isn't sure why the Swan is after him, but he's taking no chances.
Run, Platdude, Run!!

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