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Y7 - D303 - Uncontrollable!
  30th October, 2015


Feedback from PlayJam suggests that my newest controller code is still causing some kind of lagging ingame, when more than one player's connected at a time.

An ultimatum, then.
If I can't get it fixed by Monday, then that's it.. I can't fix it, and it's an issue to be dealt with later.
I've spent about 2 weeks, straight, trying to solve this one single issue, and I realistically can't keep focussing on it, especially if I'm also trying to get an Advent Calendar AND NeonPlat's Cosmic Adventure done before the end of the year.

I'll be trying again (again (again!)) over the next few days, and then that'll be that.
If PlayJam are still finding faults, then I'll simply remove the multiplayer games from my list of available games on PlayJam. That's probably the easiest way to solve this issue.

It's a shame, really, as JNKBombers and Neon Bike Championships are cracking games, even if they are blatent bloody rip-offs!

.. Meanwhile, it's been a week since I last heard anything from OUYA's review team, which is .. weird...


Daily Doodle : Scooting

Laura Plat's having a ride on a scooter.
Better not go too fast!!

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