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7-343 - Balls
9th December 2015  

Daily Blog

Playing with my balls..



When coding Beta Collexion, one day I decided to try proper billiard ball style physics.
You'll get to see the results in a few days time, when the game appears in the calendar.
In the meantime, I've decided to expand on those physics, and see if I can get a proper snooker/pool game out of the functionality.

Last night I started the project, and worked on it until it was well past 4 in the morning. I couldn't stop! I was on a mission to get something decent running from the engine, and boy did I work at the thing!!



The balls each have a cheated form of a 2D texture, which seems ok, but I really need to see about wrapping the texture over the top of a sphere, or at the very least, see about warping the image a bit, to get a better effect.

Additionally, there's no spin to my physics. I need to read up on some extra juicy physics for that kind of thing.
But the balls roll around in a decent manner, collide well enough for a game to exist, and all manner of logical things that seem to fit snuggly into the image above.

Oh, and the pockets.. I need to add pockets!
And a table edge.
In fact, the whole table, really..

.. but it's a lovely start

I need to sleep, now!

Daily Doodle : The Charge Sucks

This wind up radio's really starting to show it's age.
Platdude's had to keep spinning the little charger-paddle around, all the way through the news bulletin.

Mailbag : Empty

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