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7-345 - More Balls
11th December 2015  

Daily Blog

Continuing to play with my balls!



I should really be finishing off NeonPlat's Cosmic Adventures, but I'm having oodles of fun with a bunch of balls!

I should mention the following things.
1. The Pockets don't work yet! Not sure how I'm going to handle those, but they shouldn't be too tricky.
2. The physics aren't 100% .. In fact, they're very haphazard, and are only about 3% accurate
3. There's no cue, and the white ball is currently being rolled about with the cursor keys!
4. There are no rules, or scoring, because it's hard to lay out rules and scoring when you haven't even got the pockets to work!!

But, this will probably be one of the first releases of 2016, mostly because I don't appear to be able to drag myself away from it.
I'm having a lot of fun with this engine, and am hopeful that it won't turn out horribly badly.
My fingers are crossed!!

Daily Doodle : Cyber Threat

Doctor Plat is in trouble.
Use your Sonic Wrench, Doctor!!

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Daily Blog
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