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7-347 - MusicAL Archive
  13th December, 2015

Daily Blog

Rebuilding the Music Archive.



Friday night, Haze______ got in touch via twitter, and complained that bits of my Music Archive were broken.
It's been a good while since I properly worked on the Music Archive, and it's getting in a bit of a state, update-wise.. The last Al Bum added to it is last year's Conspicuous Al Bum, which is 3 entire Al Bums ago.
As such, I took to rebuilding the whole thing from scratch.
It doesn't look any better, but is at least a little more manageable at my side, so updates oughta be a little more frequent!

The basic engine is working, and I'm currently organising ways to streamline all the data so it works a little better, universally.
I should be done later today. *fingers crossed*

Daily Doodle : Too Big for My Horse

Poor Platdude. He's outgrown his childhood pony, and now needs to find a replacement.
But he won't give up on his best friend.

Mailbag : Empty

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