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Nameless Aliens
  20th January, 2016


I've been thinking long and hard about this one, but nothing's turned up, yet.


Gameplay wise, this new "Alien" game won't be Alien Deathmatch 3. It'll have a LOT of similarities, but also will be an entirely different beast.
As such, I need to give the new game a new title, but what could I possibly call it?

Currently the game's looking rather nifty, with a nice big level scrolling about, properly colliding with walls and doors, and even a few simple roaming aliens bobbling around the place.
I might attempt some sort of pathfinding, but with all the doors in place, it doesn't seem too much of an issue.

I'd like to create a run-through player, though, to spawn objects ahead of the player, and ensure each stage has a proper beginning and end.
I've still not decided 100% what sort of game this is, but it oughta be fun enough...I think.. Maybe!!


I could also do with adding some shadows to the game..

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