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Copyright Theft!!!
  23rd January, 2016


Oh dear!


It's not very often that I blatantly rip people off.
.. Aw, who am I kidding?! I do it all the time!
But every so often I do it a little bit more.
On Jan 22nd 2010 (6 years ago!!) I made a silly Star Trek remix video thing.

Silly and nonsensical, the video got posted to YouTube, and now, SIX WHOLE YEARS LATER, somebody over at CBS finally noticed, and stuck a Copyright Claim on it.

Seems like CBS are running all over the web, trying to make a bit of cash where they can, by stealing ad revenue from a video that didn't previously have adverts in it.
.. Derp!

Also, it's 6 years old, guys.. How popular are you expecting that to get, all of a sudden?!

Meh, whatever..
At least they left it up, although I'm a little perturbed by the possibility of my own video becoming "Device Locked".. If I find that to be happening, I'd rather pull the video down entirely. Device Locked videos piss me off, and there's no chance I'm having my own videos do that crap.


But otherwise, I'm OK with their claim. Although I honestly expected it to happen within weeks of me posting it, not 6 years later!!

Daily Doodle : Detained

Platdude's being detained.
Must be something to do with that copyright claim..

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