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Nearly Done
  24th January, 2016


Space Station A6-100 nears completion!


There are still plenty of tweaks to be made to the game, but we're getting close.
I managed to get a working test running on OUYA, last night.. .. Because for most of yesterday, it was most definitely NOT a working test!!
A bunch of stupid coders errors had resulted in the game running about 15fps on OUYA.
Tweaks, nips and tucks, and the framerate's now safely in the "not 15fps" department, and I didn't even have to switch to rubbishly fuzzy low-res art, either, which is nice.


Today's tasks include neatening up the ingame GUI (or rather, adding one) and tweaking the gameplay until all feels great.
I could probably also do with adding some kind of progress %age to the titlescreen, but .. it'll be very very low for quite a while!!

Daily Doodle : Leaning on a Lamppost

Platdude's having a rest by the side of the road.
Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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