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Arcade Block : Feb 2016
  6th February, 2016
Each month I receive the wonderful Arcade Block from NerdBlock.com
When you initially sign up, you give them a T-Shirt size, and every month you get a lovely Arcade related TShirt, along with a box full of odd pieces of tat.
Some of the tat is garbage, some of the tat looks nice on a shelf, and occasionally some of the tat is pure awesomeage!


Each month, I run through the tat, and give each item a score out of 10.
The score does NOT suggest whether the item is good or bad. Instead, I've opted to make the scores specific to the way in which the Arcade Block is marketed.
The "Arcade Block" is branded as a box full of "Arcade" related items, so each and every item is given a score based on how Arcadey it is.
If an game is renowned for being a Arcade Coin-Op classic, it gets a 10/10
If the game has only ever briefly been seen in Arcades, it scores about 7/10
If it's rarely ever been seen in an Arcade, it gets a lower 3/10
And if the game is nothing more than a generic home-console FPS thing, it'll get 0/10.. Because, really, those are NOT Arcade games!

Oddly, most Nintendo games also score a low low 0/10, or sometimes 1, if it's something like Donkey Kong.

It's an odd way to score it, but if you're sticking the name "Arcade Block" on the thing, then that's the way I'm going to score it!

If you'd like to read about previous NerdBlock and ArcadeBlock boxes that I've received, they're all in this Socoder Thread

Arcade Block for February 2016

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TShirt : Street Fighter V
A lovely shirt, although maybe would've been better with two fighters, duking it out.
Still, nice, and a keeper!
Arcade Score : 10/10 .. I think. Street Fighter IS still an Arcade game, right!?
It's not switched to just being consoles, now, has it?!

Bobblehead Scorpion
Not "A scorpion", but instead, Mortal Kombat's Scorpion, looking a little duller and less yellow than his original arcade incarnation. You'd think the switch to computer graphics would've made for brighter colours and more vivid style, but.. no.. not in this day and age. Everything becomes brown, dingy, and dull..
Bah, humbug.
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Nice Bobblehead, though.
Arcade Score : 10/10 although, again, I'm not sure if they still do these things in the arcades anymore.

Hat Pokeball
A hat with a pokeball on it.
.. That's what that is!
Nothing much to say!
Arcade Score : 0/10 : Pokemon != Arcade

Cube Nintendo!
A Rubik's Cube with Nintendo imagery all over it. A [?], a Star, a floor block and other images.
Two of the stickers have already fallen off it.

Arcade Score : 0/10 : Nintendo != Arcade

Ball Morph Ball
The morph ball from Metroid, remade as a squishy stress ball.
Quite nice!
Arcade Score : 0/10 : Metroid != Arcade

Sign Safety First
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A nice metal door sign thingy, with lots of Aperture Science bits on it. Lovely
Arcade Score : 0/10 : Portal != Arcade

Overall, a nice selection this month. Shame about the cube's stickers, though.
Overall Arcade Score : 20/60 - Not the worst arcade score, but definitely not the best.

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