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  10th February, 2016


I've attempted about three different gametypes, this week, and have pretty much abandoned them all!
Hopefully today I can manage to get at least one of those working properly.


I've an abandoned new RetroRaider, a silly control based swirly thing, and another generic looking maze.
Of the three, the generic looking maze seems to be the one to go for.
I have a vague idea of what I want to make, but whether I can get it to fit on the screen well enough will be the main issue.

Other than that, I spent some time doing a new choon, which is a little over repetitive. I might head back in and see about adding a chord change or two.

Overall, yesterday was quite productive, but nothing decent ended up coming out of it.
Not an entirely wasted day, but certainly not one of my better days.

Daily Doodle : Camping isn't Easy

Platdude learns that simply tapping the tent pegs into place isn't good enough.
You need to be absolutely sure they're hammered into the ground properly.

Mailbag : Empty

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