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  16th February, 2016


Horizontal Shooter's reborn in the form of Deconstructed Horizons!


Shoot your way through the swarms of enemies, and keep on ploughing ahead!
The game's quite tricky, especially if you switch to Hard mode.
For those who care, my best scores so far are
Easy : 17,250
Normal : 17,970
Hard : 9,710
Feel free to deconstruct those.. They shouldn't be too hard!

Top tip : Try to find a nice midpoint between your squad and the enemy, and then use up and down to catch the rockets without swooping around the screen like crazy. Swooping about is what usually gets me killed!!

Daily Doodle : Where to?

Platdude's taking us for a drive.
But where will we end up?!

Mailbag : Empty

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