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Newsletter #252 - Transmission Complete
18th February 2016  

Socoder Newsletter

; Transmission Complete

#252 - Friday 19th February, 2016

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Tipping Point

For gods sake, this is one of the worst shows imaginable..
The concept is simple enough. The contestants get asked questions to earn coins, which are then dropped into a giant coin-pusher machine.
You score points (pounds!!) coin that subsequently drops into the award area.

The ones with the most points (reminder : pounds!!) move on to the next round. Those that lose go home with nothing.. Not even the pounds they'd earned.. They get nothing...

Come the final round, the "winner" has a chance to win a ?10,000 mega coin. If they DO win the mega coin, they don't win any of the money they'd previously won, and ONLY get the ?10,000 from the mega coin.
Cheap. Very cheap!!


And, damn, if these questions aren't piss-easy...
Actual examples that I've actually LOLd at...
What game does a golfer play?
A Dubliner comes from which Irish town?

Basically, this show would melt your mind...
Dumb TV for Dumb people...


; A New Identity

GfK is looking for a new name for his company, but isn't sure what to go with.

; Privacy

Apple decides to stand up against the FBI in a battle against user privacy.
The privacy of a user's data vs the need to know for security reasons.
Which side will win?

; Super Smashing Great

Storing data on Crystals or Glass.
Something that sounds like a bizarre sci-if future concept is suddenly being tested in the real world.
Imagine a shelf full of lovely crystalline statues, each containing multiple terabytes of data.
It's the future of Amiibos!

The Rant Box

; App Developers are Idiots

GfK's daughter, 7y/o, is happily playing a cheerful friendly children's game, when a happy little popup appears, offering an amazing number of in-game gems, for the fantastically low low price of just ?79.99
GfK is ecstatic!

; The Government are Idiots

You know what would make roads safer?
Removing all the lines, so that we all have to drive more carefully, because nobody has any fucking idea what's going on!
It's like Blindsman's Buff for the Deaf. What could possibly go wrong?

; People are Idiots

I generally work off the fact that anything I do on an internet connected device is probably being recorded, somewhere.
Some people seem to find this to be a shocking revelation!


; The Popular Thread

The most popular topic on SoCoder, this week...
Dabz's Farts

; Musically Similar

Spinal notices similarities between different songs/tunes.
I bet, if you listened carefully to all the music I've made over the years, you'd probably find TONS of soundalikes!

; A Map

GfK draws a map.
It's a lovely map!

; Easter Egg

In the theme tune to Space Station A6-100, the little morse code signal is "Oh Shit" over and over and over again!


I decided to make a rough quick sketch of the @DOOM cover, with some of the 1st one's vibe to it. What do you think?

My piece for the #PixelHeartsArtShow happening at the @Galleries1988 tonight! I do love drawing Mario ^__^

sintax error

Star Wars: The Premake

Here?s something you can either watch for a few seconds or conceivably days

One of those bugs that leaves you more confused and depressed than you were before you solved it. XCOM time!


; Jim vs Cats

Jim has a fight with a cat

; Making Bread

Bread, made from flour..
And Oreos...
...and Ice Cream

; Musical Interlude

A music engine that generates melodies from words..

; Gear VR

LGR plays with a Samsung Gear VR headset

; Musical interlude

So Happy!

; Trump Cat

Because who wouldn't want to put a wig on a cat??!

; Craigslist : Missed Connections

Scott Bradlee and co find some messages written on Craigslist, where people try to rekindle lost relationships.
.. And turns them into songs

Random Assortment

; Expensive Lego!

Ghostbusters HQ FTW!

Batman is also expensive!

; 50 Shades of Rita

An ever changing colour of hair.

VGRemix Corner

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