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MusicAL Friday
19th February 2016  


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Spent a lot of yesterday fiddling with the AI in Army of Flags. I think I've not got the AI to a stage where they're moving slowly enough not to completely murder you within a fraction of a second!!
But I've not added any bullets into the game, yet, so it's still rather hard to tell just how difficult they are to avoid.

I also spent some time making a semi-decent level generator, which seems ok, but has a slight issue whereby the maze-like landscape can become rather confusing.
I've gotten lost a number of times, already, and there's not even any flags to collect.

I may need to add some signs or something.

We'll see where it goes. I've still got 3 days of solid coding to go, so hopefully things should work out well.

Daily Doodle : Hoppity Hop

A big scary bat is coming!
Hop away, Platdude!
Hop away!!

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New games every week!
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