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Newsletter #253 - Tab 3 into Slot 3
25th February 2016  

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; Tab 3 into Slot 3

#253 - Friday 26th February, 2016

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I barely use my iPod touch anymore.
I used to use it when out and about, as a portable Internet device, game player and music doohickey.
Once I became housebound, and got an iPad, the point of the iPod touch was more or less lost.
It sits and charges all day, and doesn't get an awful lot of use.

It probably won't surprise you to know, then, that my first hour of owning a Google Cardboard headset was spent watching the iPod do update after update after update.

Also, because the iPod touch doesn't have an inbuilt compass, the little Google Cardboard slidey button doesn't work. I've read online that grabbing a headset with a button will accomplish the same thing, but am still waiting on those damn updates to finish before I can try that out,


-=-=- Later that day -=-=-

Bah, humbug...
Plugging in a headset does NOT allow the headset's button to act as the GoogleButton.
Instead, it simply starts playing music..

So, although the display works, and the tilting and stuff works, you can't actually DO anything with it, as strapping the thing to your face makes it entirely inaccessible to touch.
As far as the view goes, it's very pixelly, and the two eyes don't quite line up with my own, so everything's a bit askew.
?10 wasted...


; Spinal's Awesome Package

Spinal gets a package, and there's something awesome inside!

; Visually Massive

Apparently, the next edition of Visual Studio ships on it's own 512Gb SSD.

; The Cost of VR

HTC & Valve reveal the cost of the Vive VR Setup.
It's not /too/ bad, considering what all you get, but..

; Meanwhile

DD's returned to the site, and can currently be found sitting in the MudChat.
.. Oh, and the MudChat still works, too!

Jim Can't Fix It

; Early AAAccess

Jim Sterling has an issue with modern games.
Not only does Steam Early Access give you half-baked unfinished Alpha games, but now AAA developers are starting to sneak unfinished games into ?60 boxes.

And, of course, because of the footage he used in that video, he got yet another Copyright Claim, and so had a rant about that, too.


; Facebook DISLIKE!

It's taken Facebook a good number of years to decide how to tackle the "Not everything is [LIKE]able" issue.
This week, they came up with an innovative "6 possibilities" thing, which relies upon Emojis to suggest the feeling of the user.
There's not many times when I honestly say "Blimey, Facebook.. That's a neat idea!"

; Brexit

Some stupid moron (probably a journalist) came up with the word "Brexit", when writing about BRitain's EXIT from the EU.
Annoyingly, it seems to have stuck.
Can you think of anything better?
Time to dig out Boggle and shake it up a bit!

; Tony Gets The Boot

Tony Blackburn gets himself tangled up in the ins and outs of the Jimmy Saville stuff, and ends up getting kicked out of the BBC as a result.

; Get iPlayer

If you're looking to hear Tony's last broadcasts, you can still find a bunch on iPlayer.
To help download the files, for archival purposes, why not try this handy Get_iPlayer tool!


Wanna be traumatized by the ocean? Skip to about 2 minutes in:


Mum get the hose, Edmonds is back again

Is this fabulous? The Nat'l Geographic Photo of the Year.

There's my slow techno remix decided.

That's comforting. #bobsledding #utaholympicpark #newshow


; Ashens 10th Anniversary Spectacular

Ashens celebrates a decade of tat!

; Obligatory Cat Video

watch Kitty Play!

; Enermy Dic

Ashens shows off a collection of wonderful Videogames.

; He Won't Die

Oh god, it's back again!!!

; Bruce Lee

Tappity-tappity-tap... Ffffft

; Classic Countdown

It was @GregScottTV!!!

; People Playing Plat

"Coin Bros" stumble upon JNKPlat 3D 06, and decide to make an 8 part YouTube series out of it!!
... WTF were they thinking?

Bonus LOLs

; Medical

Alarming test results

; Ultimate Warrior

Beta Version Corner

Portal before Portal!

Load, Next List!

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