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This Week...
  16th May, 2010
With all the Mac stuff, I've not had a chance to do a new game.

I suppose I could rush something in the next 24 hours, but I'm much rather be playing with those extra trimming, and getting things a little nicer.

First off, Gravity Bombs. Not touched it yet, but it definitely needs at least one tweak. .. the Mac's "Superior" (bah) Magic Mouse has a lot going for it, but it also has an inability to right click whilst holding down the left mouse button. Which is pretty much a requirement of Gravity Bombs!
That needs fixed, and I'll probably take the time to rejig the rules a little bit.

Although I'm not sure entirely how!

In addition, I finally got around to adding the little 9-pixel-baddy into JNKPlat2010. I called him Jack, on account of his jumping, and he's happily hopping around on his platform, left to right, following Platdude, ready to kill him! Oh joy!

I've made 6 whole levels with Jack, so expect the next release to include.. um.. 6 extra levels! If you've built any, get them sent right now!!!


Now, about that Alien Deathmatch 3.

There's an issue I'd forgotten about.
If you try playing H~S : Horizontal Shooter you may/may not come across a bug.
On some systems, H~S plays at about 2 frames a second, because annoyingly, there are massive buffer-based issues depending on which system the game's being played on, and also which graphic engine it's using. (Those OpenGL/DX9/DX7 options that nobody ever touches in the OptionBar!)

Alien Deathmatch relied on having a drawable buffer.
The whole map is drawn onto a buffer, and then all those lovely blood-splats are also drawn on top.
If I can no longer draw onto a buffer, we could still do a generic tile-based map (as I have in JNKPlat) and get away with a pretty decent sized map.
But the blood. That won't work.
Sure, I could do sprite-based blood splats, but those'll have to dissipate as the game carries on, and I always thought magically vanishing blood splats looks a little shabby.

Anyway, I now have the big-3. Win/Lin/Mac. With all three available, I'll be trying all sorts of methods to do these things, and I'll let you know what does/doesn't work.

NeonPlat2 : Possible
AD3 : Possible
Some random crazy game : More likely!

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