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Brain vs Flu
  20th March, 2016


Not thinking straight is a symptom of flu!


As I read through yesterday's half-concious tweets, I'm amazed that I managed to even remember the password to my iPad, let alone manage to tweet such utter garbage.
As well as bizarre deluded rantings, there's even a tweet that shows my doing the sum of "1000 divided by 1" and being absolutely adamant that the answer is "about 100"..


Note to self : When drugged up on cough syrups, lozenges and other flu-helping remedies, turn off the damn iPad!!

Luckily, I didn't dare code anything important, so my game's not completely broken. I did, however, "fix" a couple of things on my website, so no doubt I'll be realising they're completely stuffed up, later this week.
.. Except I can't currently remember what it was that I "fixed".

Aaah, the perils of flu.
The coughing and sneezing and sniffling, I can deal with.
The complete fudge up of my mind.. Not so much!!!

Daily Doodle : Playtime

The Platizens are having fun in the park.
.. I should probably start giving names to some of these Platizens!

Mailbag : Empty

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