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Tweaking At Jumps
  22nd October, 2018
A whole lot of minor, but important tweaks, yesterday. Including finally fixing that jump!!


The running and jumping "issue" was brought up by both RSKGames and Otakupunk, and I figured I should probably try to fix it.

Watching Otakupunk's video carefully, I was finally able to understand exactly why it was happening.

When Otakupunk was aiming to "run and jump", he would first tap the run button, and THEN tap the jump button. This is a standard gaming trope, and as such most people would instinctively use the buttons in that order.
But in JNKPlat, if you're already moving, the Jump button won't register until you're at the next block. This is a leftover from the days when JNKPlat was quite literally moving one block at a time, without any animation. Just "blip" movement to the next gridspace, instead.

Now that Animation's in there, people expect standard jump styles, but I've been playing JNKPlat games for so long that I've seemingly "unlearned" that style of play.

Yesterday, I did my best to fix it. I've added about 4 frames of movement between the start of a walk and when you can hit the jump button. It's not a LOT of extra time, but it should be more than enough to allow "Run then Jump" players to do what they're aiming for, rather than just running into their own death!

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