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Titular Experimentation
18th May 2010  
Nearly two whole years in, and you'd have thought that more people would've taken notice of the guy making AGameAWeek. I've moaned before about lack of interest, and I go in and out of these little phases.. It doesn't hurt, it's just a little saddening when there's not much interest.

This week, we've hit another "Wha!?" point.

Having finally got the Mac, and released no less than TEN entire Mac games within a week, I've had the lowest number of visits all year!!
What's that all about!?!?!

An average of 50 a day has plummeted to about 15-20!

I'm slightly worried that this might be a result of last week's virus attack.

No matter.. Keep at it! Roll with it!
Eventually, some day, they might start to visit!

This week we'll try something entirely based upon the title of the game.
This title's been on my mind for a LONG long time, and it's about time I did it.
And what better time than now, when I really should be giving the site a little kicking.
The game will be about it's title, and the title will stick out like a sore thumb, in an insanely desperate attempt to make people notice it.

Will giving a game an extremely quirky name make more people visit the site?!
Who can tell!

There's only one way to find out!!

So, starting with 30 nice little frames of animation, I'm going to be making a lovely little puzzle game.
If anyone would be interested in helping out with some levels, let me know. But this'll be a rush job, 'cos I only have until Tuesday to do the entire thing!!

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