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Edging Closer
  4th April, 2016


The game's starting to play well, but is still alarmingly far from complete!


I, of course, completely blame Nintendo for this.
Every time I *should* be working on the game, I'm instead spending hours at a time, playing Miitomo, and finding out odd facts about my friends.
... Yup, should probably learn to concentrate a little better!

Anyhoo, the game's coming along. Today I need to work on the menu, level unlocking and things like that, and then add some audio because it's currently all a bit silent.
So, um.. Yeah, I've got LOADS left to do!
Stupid Nintendo.. Grrr...

Daily Doodle : Saving the Universe

Platdude's taking a break from saving the universe.
He hopes his ship doesn't get bombarded by pirates, whilst he's having a rest.

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