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iPhing Attempt #185
20th May 2010  
So far, we've had the following..

Day 1. (Last Wednesday)
Do What?!
Euww.. Visual stuff.. Eeek!

Day 2. (Thursday)
Pissed about with other stuff on my Mac, in a vain attempt to ignore the fact that I had to learn stuff.

Days 3-7. (Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon-Tue)
Back to AGameAWeek, recompiling all the Blitz stuff, uploading those, fixing up JNKPlat and Gravity Bombs.


It seems that, no matter how much I want to, I don't actually have all that much iPhing time. AGameAWeek will always suck up most of my time. Bah!
That, and being cramped onto my only USB keyboard seems to have completely bollocksed up my hand. Either that or it's the MagicMouse being all flat.. *shrugs*


Anyhoo, let's move onto week 2.

Day 1. (yesterday)
Attempt to understand OpenGL.

Manage to create my usual set of graphical test functions. (CLS, SetCol, SetRot, SetScale, SetAlpha, DrawRect)
Get a few squares onscreen, and realise that I'm going to have that strange anti-aliasing issue that I had with Blitz3D. That is to say, even with my best attempt at drawing things perfectly straight, the grid I drew didn't quite end up actually being perfectly straight.

This is a floating point issue, and will just end up being annoying. It's a case of trying to get the right set of numbers to look good on the screen.
Maybe a later attempt might fix that, but in the meantime I'm going to try to piss about with that "view" mode, instead. eugh..

Day 2. Today's plan.
Piss about with that "eeuw, Visual, eek!" mode, whilst trying to do my damned best to ignore ever having to open up the horrible bloody visual based editor.
The plan, to create a grid of tiles onscreen, let the player tap them, and maybe have a sprite bobbing around on top.
Wish me luck!!!
I'll let you know!

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