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Half Asleep
  20th April, 2016


I got absolutely naff all done, yesterday!


Well, maybe not "naff all". I started a game, but upon fresh more-awake eyes, it's actually a bit rubbish, so I might end up scrapping it and starting something entirely different.

Meanwhile, I got another Choon finished, and AL's back to being 4 tracks ahead, which is nice.

I also slept like a log, between the hours of about 5pm yesterday, until way past 8am this morning.
Must've needed it, I guess. But as per usual, I've woken up feeling much worse becausee of it.
Bah.. Sleep, who needs it!?

Daily Doodle : What Time is it?

Platdude isn't happy with his new clock. The two hands have a very similar length, and aren't nearly precise enough to tell the time with.


Waiting for downloads and uploads again.
I seem to be waiting forever.
Soon they will finish, then more will begin.
There's never an end to it, ever.


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