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Friday MusicAL
19th August 2016  

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More work on SoCoder, yesterday, as I nipped and tucked a few pieces of the actual Forum Display stuff.
Hopefully I haven't broken anything along the way!

Other than that, I rejigged my Puzzobomb level storage method, and it *should* be working, now.
Except I didn't even get around to turning the Mac on.
Instead, I spent most of last night's Coding Session doing the newsletter, and getting AL's latest choon ready for release.
A lot of fiddling about, getting that ready each week, especially since I tend not to bother doing the video until right at the last minute!

So, that's pretty much all that got done, last night.
I set the video to render, then sat trawling the net for things to add to the newsletter, then did the big youtube upload, which took practically forever to do.

Alarmingly, this week's video (see above) came out at over 500Mb.
I really need to consider making lower-resolution videos, or at the very least upping the compression fromm "No thanks" to "Yes please!"

Oh, and I also got started on next week's Memories Of, because the two I'd previously started both sounded horrible with fresh ears.

Daily Doodle : Don't Cry

Calm down, Platdude.
Your day might be starting out bad, but things will get better.


Tomorrow's the weekend,
but it's all just the same.
I continue to code,
and work on my game.


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