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21st August 2016  


Yesterday was yet another day that I spent focused on my forum, SoCoder.


I figured it's about time I started working on some themes, so I've opened up the old Theme Builder from 2014, and have been jiggling bits and pieces about in a desperate attempt to come up with something nice looking.

It's not happened yet!
.. I spent all day fiddling with colour schemes and things, but.
Bah, I'm not the world's most artistic person, as you're all aware.

I recently discovered that my favourite of all the themes, Grey'n'Green, was created way way back in September 2007, so.. Yeah, it's definitely time for something new, I reckon!

If only I was artistic!!


As well as that, I've been fiddling around with some music, trying to come up with more future "Memories Of" tracks. I think I've decided on K and L, now, but what will M be?
I also started to go through the list, trying to track down the composers names, for the sake of making a proper track-listing. It's not easy!!
I may post a semi-complete listing, near the end of this project, and see if anyone knows any of the oddities.

Daily Doodle : It's There Somewhere

Laura Plat's lost her ring somewhere in the dumpster.
Thankfully, Platdude's here to lend a helping hand, and has leaped in to see if he can find it.


Time ticks away.
My Schedule, broken.
It started because of
How late I'd awoken.


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