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23rd August 2016  


I've been so focused on sorting out SoCoder lately, that I completely forgot what day of the week it was!
I'll post AGameAWeek in a jiffy!


Yesterday I continued my quest to update Socoder as much as I can, without breaking decade-old code.
I found a quick and easy way to get the "One Sidebar" mode working well-enough on most themes. It's still a bit broken on some, but for the most-part it works ok.
I also completely rewrote the theme selection process, which now uses a theme preview thing, instead of just a list of names.
.. It still HAS a list of names, but at least you can now click them and see what they're going to look like!

My afternoon coding session was spent playing with shelves.
I ordered some extra shelves for my "bookcase", and set about re-arranging the contents to fit the extra shelves in place.
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I managed to squeeze 4 extra shelves into place, and will continue to shuffle things around for the next few days, in order to get everything "Just Right".
Who knows.. I might even add a book or two on there, too!!

Daily Doodle : Earning Votes

Platdude isn't going to let that shaggy haired weirdo take over his planet.
Vote Plat!


Two weeks away,
but still no great plan.
Perhaps I should bake
a really big flan?


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